Here you can find useful Links to information software as well as further resources and media concerning the topic of ´Big Brother´

تجدون هنا روابط مفيدة لبرامج ومراجع ومواد إعلامية تتناول موضوع "الأخ الأكبر"


Data: How much do companies pay for your data? (Video Arabic 2:16)

بيانات: كم تدفع الشركات لقاء الحصول على بياناتك؟ 2:16 عربي

Internet security (Animation Arabic 2:07)

#تعلقش_بالشبكة - حملة توعية للأمان في الإنترنت (2:07 عربي)



Movies أفلام

Edward Snowden


1984 (directed by Michael Radford من إخراج )


Short Film ´Sight´ by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo about a vision of a possible future all-day life including Technologies of Big Data and Augmented Reality


Short film ´HYPER-REALITY´ is a Point of View capture from the Artist Keiichi Matsuda which serves a vision of a hyper-media future with parts of gaming culture, Data network and the borders of virtuality and reality.


Series ´Black Mirror´ from Charlie Brooker / Netflix, which shows several utopian and dystopian visions concerning our media usage and the influence on subjects and society.

Software / Tools برامج وأدوات


´Ghostery´: Free Plugin for any Browser / Android / iOS

Blocks and analyzes tracking software and cookies


Tactical Tech: THE 8-DAY DATA DETOX


The Data-Day posters are visuals that show you some of the things that you consent to when you click 'I Agree'. (English) A tool that shows all public information for a given facebook profile

أداة تعرض كل المعلومات العامة لحساب شخص في فيسبوك


Electronic Frontier Foundation


The first browser which constantly is in private / incognito mode, so that data tracking is harder.


MyActivity (google)

Service by google; If you use many google services (Android, Youtube, Maps, Search Engine) the company lists up everything in a timeline


Trackography: Find out who is tracking you when you are reading your favourite news online

اكتشف من يتتبعك عندما تقرأ موقعك الإخباري المفضل

My Shadow, what are digital traces: أنا وظلي، تحّكم في بياناتك